What is a saint?

According to St. Paul, a “saint” is a follower of Christ (Col 1:2). This is true since no one who is following Christ, to the fullest sense of the term, could become otherwise. If that happens he is not really following Christ but pretending to be His follower. Others could answer this in a different way. Like, a saint could be said to be anyone who is currently residing in heaven. True, because no one can reside in heaven without having first live a godly life in practicing heroic virtues and charity.

The Catholic Church, through the process of beatification and canonization, officially recognizes this reality. According to the Fundamentals of the Catholic Dogma a saint is “…a member of the Church [who] has been assumed into eternal bliss and may be the object of general veneration.”

May this work help us to reach that home where all of us could finally see Christ face to face.

God bless.

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