St. Crispina, Martyr

St. Crispina, pray for us.

St. Crispina, pray for us.

St. Crispina, born in the third century, was a citizen of Thagara, Africa. A person of means, she was the mother of several children.

During the persecution of Diocletian, Crispina was arrested because of her Christianity. Then she was brought to trial in Thebeste, before the proconsul Anulinus.

Crispina was ordered to sacrifice to the gods. She refused and offered a splendid defense of her Christian Faith. She was then sentenced by the proconsul to die by the sword. She exclaimed: “Praise to God Who has looked down and delivered me out of your hands!”

Crispina was beheaded around the year 304. St. Augustine often mentioned this holy Martyr in his preaching.


In defense of the Faith, Crispina was willing to forego the company of her most cherished possessions, her children. The love for and nurture of children, if accepted generously, can itself merit eternal salvation.


Loving Father, Your holy Martyrs teach us the true meaning of life. Through the intercession of Your Martyr St. Crispina, help us to appreciate and defend the gift of life. This we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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