St. Abraham of Kratia, Bishop

St. Abraham of Kratia, pray for us.

St. Abraham of Kratia, pray for us.

Abraham of Kratia was born in Emesa, Syria, in 474. After becoming a monk, he was forced to flee to Constantinople because of raids on his monastery.

In Constantinople, Abraham became procurator of another monastery, and at the age of twenty-six he was made abbot of a house at Kratia in Bithynia. After ten years as abbot, he went to Palestine to seek out solitude and a life of contemplation.

Forced to return by his bishop shortly thereafter, Abraham was made Bishop of Kratia. After thirteen years as bishop, he once more fled to Palestine looking for solitude. His remaining days were spent in a Palestinian Monastery, and he died around 558.


As we prepare to celebrate the great feast of Christmas, we could well imitate St. Abraham’s quest for solitude. We should seek out a quiet place and time each day of Advent in order to meditate on the wonders and joys of the Incarnation.


God our Father, in many ways You bid us to refresh ourselves by stepping back from the noise and din of the world. Through the example and intercession of Your Bishop Abraham of Kratia, may we always respond to and rejoice in Your loving call. This we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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