St. Flannan, Bishop

St. Flannan, pray for us!

St. Flannan, pray for us!

St. Flannan was born in Thomond, Ireland, in the 17th century, the son of an Irish chieftain named Turdough. He received his early education from a monk, some of which was more vocational than intellectual.

Despite opposition from family and friends, St. Flannan became a monk. He then made a pilgrimage to Rome, where Pope John IV consecrated him a bishop. Upon his return to Ireland, St. Flannan served as the first Bishop of Killaloe. As a result of his preaching skill, his father became a monk.



In our determination to fully serve the Lord in others, we sometimes become the victims ridicule. Like St. Flannan, and like St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary at Bethlehem, we lovingly accept these rejections.


O God, strengthen our faith so that our lives may more eloquently bespeak Your Holy Word. May our lives, like St. Flannan’s preaching, bring conversion of mind and heart to others. This we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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