St. Anthony, Abbot

St. Anthony the Abbot, pray for us!

St. Anthony the Abbot, pray for us!

In the third century Anthony sold all his possessions, gave the proceeds to the poor, and went into the desert to lead a life of prayer and contemplation. His example attracted other men to the desert, and eventually they formed the first Christian monastic community. The Life of St. Anthony by St. Athanasius of Alexandria (298-373) spread the saint’s influence and inspired the formation of monastic communities throughout the Christian world.

The saint is also known as St. Anthony of Egypt or St. Anthony of the Desert.


Are you willing to gave up everything for the sake of the Gospel? To be stripped off of all the  comforts of life?


God our Father you work marvelously through the lives of Your saints. You made St. Anthony the Abbot as an exemplar of true abandonment to God’s holy Will and Providential Care help us to be like him. We ask You through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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