St. Abraham, Bishop

St. Abraham, pray for us.

St. Abraham, pray for us.

Abraham was a native of Cyrrhus, Syria, toward the end of the fourth century. Early in life he became a solitary, but later, filled with zeal, he went to the pagan village of Mt. Lebanon. He first appeared there as a fruit-seller, but when he began to preach Christianity he was ill-treated.

After narrowly escaping death at the villagers’ hands, by meekness, patience, and generosity Abraham won them over. When several villagers were to be jailed for non-payment of taxes, he borrowed money and paid their debts. After instructing them for three years, he placed them in the charge of a priest and returned to the desert.

Later, Abaraham was ordained Bishop of Carrhae in Mesopotamia. He helped rid Carrhae of idolatry and other evils. A penitential bishop, he died in 422 at Constantinople where he had been summoned by Emperor Theodosius II, who held him in high esteem.


Through a holy and penitential life St. Abraham zealously preached the Gospel. As we hope to lead others to God, St. Abraham’s life reminds us that our prayer and fasting must match our enthusiasm for the Gospel’s cause.


Loving Father, may we grow in patience and meekness through the intercession of St. Abraham. Like him, may our lives draw others to Your service. This we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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