St. Boniface of Lausanne

St. Boniface of Lausanne, pray for us.

St. Boniface of Lausanne, pray for us.

Bishop of Lausanne. He was born in Brussels, Belgium, and educated by the Cistercian nuns of La Cambra nearby. After studying in Paris, France, he taught dogma there and at Cologne, Germany. In 1230, he was made the bishop of Lausanne, Switzerland. He served nine years and then resigned to live at the Cistercian convent at La Cambra as chaplain because of an assault by agents of Emperor Frederick II after he had publicly scolded the emperor and the local clergy for their corruption.


Humility is the mother of many virtues. From it spring obedience, holy
fear, reverence, patience, modesty, mildness, and peace; for, whoever is
humble easily obeys all, fears to offend any, maintains peace with all,
shows himself affable to all, is submissive to all, does not offend or
displease any, and does not feel the insults which may ensue.
-St. Thomas of Villanova


Loving Father, may we grow in loving the truth through the intercession of St. Boniface of Lausanne. Like him, may our lives draw others to Your service. This we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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