St. Veronica Giuliani, Mystic


St. Veronica, pray for us!

St. Veronica, pray for us!

Capuchin mystic who had many spiritual gifis. A native of Binasco, near Milan, Italy, born in 1660, she entered the Capuchins at Citti di Castello, Umbria, in 1677. She remained there for the rest of her life and served as novice mistress for thirty-four years. A mystic, she was the recipient of stigmata in 1697 and visions, the accounts of which are quite detailed. She impressed her fellow nuns by remaining remarkably practical despite her numerous ecstatic experiences. St.Veronica was named abbess of the convent in 1716, remaining in that role until her death. She is called one of the most extraordinary mystics of her era.


Our Blessed Lord revealed to Saint Veronica that the greatest pain He experienced during His passion was carrying Hell itself. And by this, St. Veronica generously gave herself as an oblation that others may not be condemned to the fires of Hell and by God’s grace no one went there. Are we willing to suffer for others? Do we pray for our persecutors?


Lord, increase in us Your gifts of mercy and forgiveness. Hear the prayers of those who recall the devoted life of the virgin St. Veronica Giuliani. Guide us on our way and help us to grow in love and devotion as long as we live. Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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