St. Simeon

St. Simeon, pray for us!

St. Simeon, pray for us!

In Luke’s Gospel, chapter two, Joseph and Mary bring Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem. That is where they meet Holy Simeon.

The holy man had waited patiently for the Lord to grant him a request: he wanted to live to see the Messiah, the Savior of the world. But he did not know who that would be, or when and if his prayer would be fulfilled.

The young couple from Nazareth approached him with their baby. He looked into the eyes of the Child and felt a burst of joy in his heart. His eyes glowed. He lifted Jesus into his arms, then held him up and prayed:

“Now, my God, I can die in peace. I have seen with my own eyes the world’s salvation. You have prepared this for all your people.”

Mary and Joseph looked at one another. They were silently amazed. Then the old man turned to Mary.

His eyes became sad as he said softly, “Your own soul will be pierced by the sword.” Mary did not understand what this meant, and she prayed to God for courage.

God had answered the prayer of Holy Simeon and he remained in joyful thanksgiving as the couple and their baby left.

Reflection: We can say with St. Simeon, “Lord let your servant go in peace for your word has been fulfilled” when we have finished the work that the Lord has told us. We will never be afraid in facing death rather we are excited to encounter our Good God when we have done His Will. We pray for all the sick and the dying that they may find consolation in the Word made Flesh.

Prayer: Almighty God whom you give privilege to St. Simeon to see what eyes has not seen and to carry Him in his arm your Son our Lord Jesus Christ, grant we pray, that we may obtain the grace to be faithful to You and to wait with patient endurance the graces necessary for our state of life through Christ our Lord.

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